We have everything that’s needed to rig equipment on stage or in an event hall. Chainmaster D8+ motors Trusses Sling, shackel, etc

Rehearsal studio

We have a large, acoustically treated studio equipped with backline, that can be booked for all kinds of production rehearsal. Hear we can prepare in ear audio main mixes and make pre-programmed lighting shows. When it’s time for a break, … Read More

Large format mixing consoles

We’re very happy with our investment in dLive mixing consoles. We have two complete systems. The capacity and flexibility is second to none. We also have a solution for recording 128 channels, with a secondary system for backup. Here’s some … Read More

Stage monitors

We invest in L-acoustics X12 monitor speakers. They can also be used as main speakers for small and medium sized concerts. Their low weight, high sound pressure and perfect sound quality make them the perfect choice. We’re very happy to … Read More